Courses for student ID 601-xxxx onward

FIN2201 - Principle of Finance

FIN3101 - Corporate Finance

FIN3102 - Business and Economic Analysis for Decision Making

FIN3201 - Investment

FIN3202 - Financial Reporting and Analysis

FIN3203 - Bank Management

FIN3212 - Real Estate Investment and Entrepreneurs

FIN4101 - Financial Management

FIN4102 - International Finance

FIN4103 - Derivatives Securities

FIN4104 - Quantitative Analysis for Financial Decision

FIN4201 - Special Topics in Finance

FIN4202 - Corporate Strategy and Financial Policies

Courses for student ID 591-xxxx and before

FIN2700 - Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

FIN3701 - Corporate Finance

FIN3711 - Investment

FIN3713 - Business Analysis and Valuation

FIN3714 - Business Condition Analysis

FIN3715 - Personal Finance

FIN3723 - Central Banking System and Policy

FIN3724 - Financial Feasibility Planning

FIN3725 - Managerial Economics

FIN3726 - Financial Statement Analysis

FIN3727(FIN3832) - Real Estate Investment Analysis and Valuation

FIN3728(FIN4732) - Fixed Income Securities

FIN3733 - Institutional Banking for Emerging Markets

FIN4721 - Laws and Practices in Finance

FIN4723 - Export-Import Financing

FIN4811 - Risk Management

FIN4812 - International Finance

FIN4813 - Financial Management

FIN4815 - Bank Management

FIN4817(FIN3731) - Portfolio Management and Security Analysis

FIN4818 - Seminar in Investment

FIN4819 - Contemporary Issues in Finance

FIN4821 - Behavioral Finance

FIN4822 - Individual Research

FIN4832 - Entrepreneurial Finance

FIN4833 - Wealth Management

FIN4911 - Quantitative Analysis for Financial Decision

FIN4921 - Corporate Strategy and Financial Policies

FIN4922 - Derivatives Securities

FIN4924 - Advanced Financial Management

FIN4925 - Introduction to Modeling

FIN4941 - Seminar in Financial Institutions