FIN2700 Money, Banking, and Financial Markets


BG1200 Mathematics for Business

Course Description

A foundation course discusses on the importance and functions of money, the impact of the monetary and fiscal policies on the money supply and how the financial markets and institutions allocate the money. The course also introduces the analysis of the financial statements, pricing of debt instruments, time value of money, interest rates determinants and international financial system.

Class Material

Course Syllabus - Day Program

Course Syllabus - Evening Program

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Chapter 1 - Money, Banking, and Financial Markets: An Overview

Chapter 3 - Financial Markets and Instruments

Chapter 4 - Financial Intermediation

Chapter 5 - Interest Rate Determination

Chapter 6 - Term Structure and Risk Structure of Interest Rates

Chapter 8 - The Foreign Exchange Market

Wealth 1 - Wealth Management

Wealth 2 - Wealth Protection Insurance

Wealth 3 - Retirement Planning

Wealth 4 - Fundamental Investment

Wealth 5 - Equity Investment