FIN3701 Corporate Finance


FIN2700 Money, Banking, and Financial Markets OR BF2700 Finance, Credit and Banking

Course Description

The fundamental principles and policies of corporate finance, scope and nature of financial function, emphasizing capital financing and management of working capital, project risk analysis, methods for incorporating risk into capital budgeting, funds of establishment and operating assets management, organization design for financial advantages, raising of long-term and short-term capital structure, cost of capital calculation, principles of financial analysis.

Class Material

Course Syllabus - Day Program

Course Syllabus - Evening Program

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Chapter 1 - Principles of finance

Chapter 3 - Understanding financial statements and cash flows

Chapter 4 - Financial analysis – Sizing up firm performance

Chapter 5 - Time value of money: The basics

Chapter 6 - Time value of money: Annuities and other topics

Chapter 9 - Debt valuation and interest rates

Chapter 10 - Stock valuation

Chapter 14 - The cost of capital

Chapter 12 - Analyzing project cash flow

Chapter 11 - Investment decision criteria

Chapter 18 - Working-capital management

Chapter 13 - Risk analysis and project evaluation (Break-even analysis)

Chapter 15 - Capital structure policy

Chapter 16 - Dividend policy