FIN3713 Business Analysis and Valuation


FIN3701 Corporate Finance

Course Description

The course focuses on applying the financial statements as a framework for business analysis. It also integrates the concepts not only from accounting perspectives but also economics and business perspectives to make sound business decisions. The objective is to go beyond the accounting concepts in order to evaluate the companies’ performance and value the companies.

Class Material

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1 - A Framework for Business Analysis and Valuation Using F/S

Chapter 2 - Strategy Analysis

Chapter 3 - Overview of Accounting Analysis

Chapter 4 - Implementing Accounting Analysis

Chapter 5 - Financial Analysis

Chapter 6 - Prospective Analysis: Forecasting

Chapter 7 - Prospective Analysis: Valuation Theory and Concepts

Chapter 8 - Prospective Analysis: Valuation and Implementation

Chapter 9 - Equity Analysis

Chapter 10 - Credit Analysis and Distress Prediction

Chapter 11 - Mergers and Acquisitions

Chapter 12 - Corporate Financing Policies

Chapter 13 - Communication and Governance