FIN4812 International Finance


FIN3701 Corporate Finance and completion of 106 credits

Course Description

The course offers an understanding of the international financial environment and financial management by multinational corporations. It focuses on exchange rate determinations, measurement and management of exchange rate risk, investment, funding and capital structure decision of multinational corporations.

Class Material

Course Syllabus - Day Program

Course Syllabus - Evening Program

Chapter 1 - Multinational Financial Management: An Overview

Chapter 2 - International Flow of Funds

Chapter 3 - International Financial Markets

Chapter 4 - Exchange Rate Determination and Quotations

Chapter 5 - Currency Derivatives

Chapter 6 - Government Influence on Exchange Rate

Chapter 7 - International Arbitrages and Interest Rate Parity

Chapter 8 - Relationship between Inflation, Interest Rates, and Exchange Rates

Chapter 9 - Forecasting Exchange Rates

Chapter 10 - Measuring Exposure to Exchange Rate Fluctuations

Chapter 11 - Managing Transaction Exposure

Chapter 12 - Managing Economic Exposure and Translation Exposure

Chapter 14 - Multinational Capital Budgeting

Chapter 17 - Multinational Cost of Capital and Capital Structure

Chapter 18 - Long Term Financing